RadioJinglesVIP.com is a radio imaging company that offers affordable voiceover, imaging and production. We can create radio jingles for various radio formats, as well as commercials, intros for radio shows, podcasts and even club DJs. We can also produce for you.

  • V – voiceover
  • I – imaging
  • P – production

Visit us at http://www.radiojinglesvip.com for more details.

Poptastic Radio Plays Fantastic Pop Musi

Poptastic Radio Plays Fantastic Pop Music – Poptastic Radio – Fantastic Pop Music! Poptastic Radio is a 24 hour internet radio that plays tracks and singles from established artists and new artists signed to independent record labels. The music programming is a mix of Britpop, International Pop music and Indie.  Player: http://www.poptastic-radio.com/radioplayer/Website: http://www.poptastic-radio.comFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/PoptasticRadioTwitter: http://www.twitter.com/Po... http://owl.li/2Cso7r

Reach On Air – Station That Lets You Be

Reach On Air – Station That Lets You Be The DJ – Reach OnAir is an Internet Radio station that gives you the opportunity to become a Radio DJ.  As long as you have a PC, the Internet, some music and any microphone (if you want to talk) – Reach OnAir lets you broadcast live radio shows to our worldwide audience with no fuss.  The station provides you with all the tools you need (Software – Jingles, Backing Beds – Promotion) and you book shows on their schedule… http://owl.li/2Csf3W

Belter Radio – Home of Music Variety, In

Belter Radio – Home of Music Variety, Interactivity and Friendly DJs http://owl.li/2C5TAF

Radio Poverty – Station With A Mission –

Radio Poverty – Station With A Mission – Radio Poverty is a radio station that aims to play the best music and spread fun to its listeners around the world. Not only that, the station is also broadcasting a message and a mission, to end poverty, to make history. On its website, RadioPoverty.net has features like members, where listeners can connect to the station and with other listeners, sign in to guestbook, get news and updates about the station and its co… http://owl.li/2BUnKl

Shoutca.st Offers Affordable, Reliable S

Shoutca.st Offers Affordable, Reliable Shoutcast Hosting, Free Mobile Apps http://owl.li/2BUnKk

BABOOM Is Kim Dotcom’s Answer to YouTub

BABOOM Is Kim Dotcom’s Answer to YouTube Music Streaming? – In 2014, new music services are launching from companies like YouTube, Beats Music and Deezer. The Mega sharing site owner Kim Dotcom is also joining in the bandwagon as he announces to launch BABOOM. With the slogan Empowering artists and fans, Ready for the blast? Kim hopes to break into the music streaming market. Check out RAIN’s blog about BABOOM below http://www.kurthanson.com/chttp://owl.li/2BQuc3

Nokia MixRadio Still Not Available In So

Nokia MixRadio Still Not Available In Some Countries – A week since its launch, Nokia fans are still frustrated that its updated Nokia MixRadio service is still not available in other countries.The updated service was launched last week by Nokia as their take on Pandora, iTunes Radio and the soon to be launched YouTube Music service.Despite an event that was supposedly global, only select countries can avail of the service.View video here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?vhttp://owl.li/2BQuc2